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WSQ - Big Data Analytics and AI / Machine Learning with Python Coding / Programming (Beginner to Intermediate) Course Plan:

  • Learning Unit 1 - Write basic program with Python language (2hr)

  • Numbers Data Type and Variables

  • Strings and Printing

  • Boolean Data Type

  • Comparison and Logic Operators


  • Learning Unit 2 - Write with different Python Data Structures (2hr)

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Sets

  • Dictionaries


  • Learning Unit 3 - Write more complicated programs (2hr)

  • Conditions and Branching

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • Object-Oriented Programming


  • Learning Unit 4 – Identify and employ appropriate statistical algorithms and data models (3hr)

  • Describing variability

  • Probability distributions

  • Regression


  • Learning Unit 5 - Apply Numpy library for Data Manipulation (2hr)

  • Arrays

  • Indexing and Selection

  • Operations


  • Learning Unit 6 - Apply Pandas library for Data Processing (2hr)

  • Series and DataFrames

  • Missing Data and GroupBy

  • Algorithms using Concatenating, Merging, Joining

  • Operations and Computational Methods

  • Data Input and Output


  • Learning Unit 7 - Apply Matplotlib library for Graphs and Data Visualization (3hr)

  • Matplotlib Graphs

  • Seaborn heatmap and pair plots


  • Learning Unit 8 – Apply Scikit-Learn library for machine learning (3hr)

  • Difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Machine Learning

  • Training and Test Models with Scikit-Learn


  • Learning Unit 9 – Combine different tools to solve real life problems (3hr)

  • Identifying the problem

  • Finding relevant data sources and deciding models to use

  • Forming conclusions

  • Pivoting due to unintended outcome


  • Assessment (2hr)

WSQ - Big Data Analytics and AI / Machine Learning with Python Coding / Programming (Beginner to Intermediate)

Learnt useful life skills. After class, comfortable with Python and apply to Big Data! Really recommend course!!

Was an eye-opener! Instructors are very good!

Want to apply to be a programmer!

Want to apply to my

day to day job!