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Started from nothing, now know how to read basic Japanese!

Japanese Language I, II, III

(Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced)

Sensei is Great, Amazing and Friendly. Class very interesting and professional. Good for Work to help understand Japanese colleagues. Learnt conversational Japanese and culture.

Learnt a lot: Songs, Conversations, Hiragana and Katakana!

Japanese Language Course Plan:


Greetings and self-introduction

Know your body parts

Counting Numbers

Time, Dates and Schedule

Shopping in a mall

Eating in a restaurant

Asking for directions and taking public transport

Buying in a supermarket


Japanese manners / etiquette

Discussing daily activities

At the bank

Visiting tourist attractions

Participating in Japan’s festivals

Japanese tea ceremony

Around the house

Japan’s pop culture (music, sports, entertainment)

Japan’s traditional costume Kimono and Yukata, as well as today’s fashion

Visiting a doctor

Finding a place to stay in Japan



•    Learning a language is a skill that requires a lot of practice, so a significant portion of class time will be used for actual communication in various fun ways, including through Games, Role Play, Acting, Singing, Pictures, Video Clips, Commercials, Songs, Multi-media, Real-life interactions.



•    Students will be able to express and develop conversational skills by learning words, phrases, and useful sentences for various situations. 

•    They will learn grammar and understand the difference between Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. 

•    They will also learn how to read accurately and write with logic.

•    Besides the language, they will also the Japanese culture and customs.

Who is this course for:

•    Job seekers who want to work in a Japanese company or work in Japan.

•    Visitors to Japan who want to immerse deeper in the culture and connect more with the people.

•    Immigrants moving to Japan.

•    Entrepreneurs doing business in Japan or with Japanese companies.

•    Lovers of Japanese pop culture like music, sports, entertainment, drama, manga and books.

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