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3D Printing and Modelling Essentials

for Beginner to Intermediate (2 Days)

Increase productivity by using 3D Printers!

Excellent Course. Very Engaging. Looking forward to the Advanced Course!

Trainer is Very Good. Course is Very Good. Highly Recommended!

From Knowing Nothing, Now I can Model and Make 3D Parts! 

Course is Very Effective, Very Useful and Very Good Trainers!

One of the best instructors I have ever met!

3D Printing Can Do Wonders, Some Can be Complex but Interesting!

Very Educational and Beneficial! 3D parts printed out on course! I didn’t know I could do it. Please come!

3D Printing, Design Plan:


3D Printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing) has taken the world by storm. Not only is it already providing current job opportunities, but in the future many more job positions will be created. Cost has dropped down to levels that even consumers can afford. What used to be impossible to make and manufacture has become possible. Prototyping or making small quantities has become so economical or easy, reducing time to market. In this course, you will learn what it is exactly, and what goes into the creation of 3d prints. You will be exposed to the innovative ways the world is using this technology. You will get to see 3D printer in action and make your own parts.



1. Section 1 (2 hrs)

• Fundamentals of 3D printing

• Applications and Implications

• Advantages and Strengths of 3D printing

• Types of materials used, advantages and limitations

2. Section 2 (6 hrs)

• Essentials of the CAD software to design 3D products

• Use and modify pre-existing models

• Design your own models

3. Section 3 (4 hrs)

• Setting up a 3D Printer

• Operating a 3D Printer

• Troubleshooting a 3D printer

4. Section 4 (4 hrs)

• Hands on practice on the 3D printer

• Post-processing of 3D parts.


• Learn what it is and future proof yourself by enlarging job opportunities.

• Understand why with 3D printing, the sky is the limit.

• Learn how to model and turn your imagination into reality.

• Learn how to make real-life 3D physical objects.

• Learn how to find remade models or design your own.



I Learnt a Lot!

Thank you for making learning so much FUN!

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