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Photoshop Essentials (Basic to Intermediate)


  • Introduction to the Interface and Preparing the Canvas

    • Overview of the workspace, tools panel, options bar

    • Changing layout of workspace and resetting back to default

    • History Palette

    • Using magnification and zoom tools

    • Shortcut keys and common commands

    • Opening and importing images

    • Creating documents with different sizes

  • Making Selections and Transformations

    • Selection methods like marquee tools, lasso, magic wand, quick selection

    • Saving a selection

    • Move tool

    • Crop

    • Eyedropper

    • Free Transform

  • Creating and Using Shapes

    • Creating and designing with shapes

    • Applying colours to shapes

    • Creating vector shapes

    • Importing external shape files



  • Concept of Layers

    • Introduction to layers and layer types

    • Adding and deleting layers

    • Hiding layers and locking layers

    • Transparency

    • Reordering layers

    • Layer groups

    • Introduction to layer styles

    • Applying different layer styles·      

  • Exploring Text and Using Layer Styles

    • Text tool

    • Point and Area text

    • Warping text and text layouts

    • Using layer styles to manipulate text

    • Exploring layer styles

  • Adjustments – Colour and Tone

    • Overview of pixel information

    • Histograms

    • Introduction to RGB colour wheel

    • CMYK

    • Grayscale

    • Colour cast

    • Hue and saturation

    • Salvage burnt out and overexposed pictures with shadows, highlights

    • Levels and curves

    • Colour vibrance

    • Colour balance

    • Non-destructive adjustment layers

    • Combining clipping masks and adjustment layers



  • Masking

    • Overview of masking and its usages

    • Introduction to layer masks and clipping masks

    • How to apply masking using black and white

    • Types of brushes and using brushes for masking

    • Blending images with masking

    • Clipping masks

    • Application of masks in designs



  • Retouching Photographs

    • Red eye removal

    • Puppet Warp

    • Liquify

    • Manipulating photos

    • Sharpening

    • Blurring

    • Smoothening

    • Removing blemishes with healing and patch tool

    • Clone Stamp

    • Brightening and darkening images


  • Effects and Filters

    • Superimpose logos on curved surface

    • Smart filters and objects

    • Exploring the filter gallery

    • Generating a panorama photograph

    • Non-destructive manipulation of pictures

    • Applying perspective to a flat image

    • Aligning pictures

    • Shake reduction

    • Vanishing point

    • Content-aware fill

    • New! AI Generative Fill creates images by typing words

Photoshop Essentials (Basic to Intermediate)

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