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website development

Established in 2013, Apps Pte Ltd specialises in Website Design and Development for many satisfied customers. Because we are confident of our quality, we offer something which NO ONE in the market is offering, which is giving you a free preview of how your website will look like. Our steps to develop your website is simple:


Understand Customer Needs

Propose and Preview Website

Develop Website

Get Customer Feedback and fine-tune Website



  1. Free preview to guarantee customer satisfaction

  2. A single point of contact to avoid miscommunication Fastest in the market to develop so that your website is up and running in no time

  3. Quick Response Time so you can make changes promptly

  4. Competitive Pricing for best value

  5. Customized for Desktop and Mobile views to reach out to all audience

  6. Our developers are based in Singapore 



  • Custom Website Development 

  • Online Chat with your visitors

  • Customer Relations Management

  • E-Commerce

  • Online Store with world-wide payments and inventory/delivery tracking

  • Online Booking of Services

  • Events with invitations, guest list and online payment

  • Blog

  • Stunning Photography, Videos and Rich Music

  • Restaurants with online orders

  • and many many more…..

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