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Finance and Accounting Essentials


  • Government Agencies Regulatory/Accounting bodies- Standards


  • Types of Reports: Internal vs External

(Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual)

  • Internal and External Audits

  • Sources of information

  • Analysing Tools for Preparing Financial Statements

  • Understanding Double Entry Concepts

  • Accounting Terminology within Financial Statements

  • Bookkeeping and Recording Transactions- Journals, Cash Book, General Ledger

  • Understanding Income Statements (Profit and Loss) Understanding Income,Balance Sheet (Assets, Liabilities Equity) Understanding Cash Flows (Operating, Investing Financing)

  • Analysing Interpreting Financial Statements Understanding Budgeting

  • Capital Expenditure treatment

  • Understanding Ratios (Performance,Liquidity Leverage) Investment Analysis

  • Understanding payback periods, cost of capital and rates of returns Product costing

  • Tax deductions and credits Capital gains vs. Ordinary Income Income tax summary

Finance and Accounting Essentials

Engaging instructor and workshops, content well-organised, friendly-staff and conducive learning environment!

Provides general and yet in-depth finance essentials!

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