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Big Data Analytics and AI / Machine Learning with Python Coding / Programming (Beginner to Intermediate) Course Plan:


Section 1 - Python Basics

o    Your first program

o    Types

o    Expressions and Variables

o    String Operations


Section 2 - Python Data Structures

o    Lists, Tuples and Arrays

o    Sets


Section 3 - Python Programming Fundamentals

o    Conditions and Branching

o    Loops

o    Functions


Section 4 - Data Manipulation with Numpy

o    Data Types

o    Array Manipulation


Section 5 - Data Processing with Pandas

o    Reading files with open

o    Writing files with open

o    Loading data with Pandas

o    Learn to connect to SQL database

o    Working with and Saving data with Pandas


Section 6 - Graphs and Data Visualization in Matplotlib

o    Plotting Graphs


Section 7 - Data Science: Statistical Analysis 

o    Prediction with statistics



Section 8 - Data Science: Real Life Example

o    Analyse data with in real life scenarios

Big Data Analytics and AI / Machine Learning with Python and Java Coding / Programming (Beginner to Intermediate)

This video has been deleted.

Learnt useful life skills. After class, comfortable with Python and apply to Big Data! Really recommend course!!

Was an eye-opener! Instructors are very good!